Specific Email Client Setup Info:

You can send and receive email from your hosted email account using
virtually any desktop or handheld email client.
The PDF documents below will help you get started.

Outlook 2003
Setup Guide (0.3 MB)
User Guide (1.0 MB)
Outlook 2002/XP
Setup Guide (0.3 MB)
Netscape Mail
Setup Guide (1.0 MB)
User Guide (2.4 MB)
Outlook 2000
Setup Guide (0.3 MB)
Mozilla Thunderbird
Setup Guide (0.9 MB)
User Guide (2.2 MB)
Outlook 98
Setup Guide (0.2 MB)
Setup Guide (0.6 MB)
Outlook Express
Setup Guide (0.3 MB)
SnapperMail (for Palm OS)
Setup Guide (0.3 MB)
User Guide (0.7 MB)
Mac Mail
Setup Guide (0.2 MB)

Universal Settings for all Email Clients:

NOTE: You must have send authentication turned on to send through this mail system - see email client specific details listed at the end of this page to determine the location of this setting in your specific email client. This is generally a check box labeled "My Server Requires Authentication"

1. User Name: Your user name is always the full email address (e.g. sample@domain.com)

2. Password: The password you provided us during account setup

3. POP3 (Incoming Mail Server):

4. SMTP: (Outgoing Mail Server): smtp.emailsrvr.com

NOTE: Many ISPs - Internet Service Providers (Earthlink, SBC Global, etc.) and temporary connections such as hotels and Internet cafes require that you set SMTP settings to their SMTP settings. If you are unable to send using the settings above please check with your ISP Support to verify their smtp settings.

Webmail: if you host your email with us your webmail access is available at http://webmail.yourdomain.com (note: there is no www between http:// and webmail.yourdomain.com)

If you are using IMAP to connect:

IMAP: (Outgoing Mail Server): imap.emailsrvr.com